Our customers’ satisfaction is very important to us.​ We value all your opinions and suggestions.

“I had my windows cleaned a few months ago by Harry and he did a great job. Not only were my windows sparkling after he left but I had a huge smile on my face. He is such a kind fun person and found time for a heart to heart chat with me and my 5 year old grandson. I definitely will be recommending Harry to all my friends and anyone who needs their windows cleaned.​”
Judy Nielssen, Retired

I use Harry’s services all the time. He has helped me with so many odd jobs I can’t even count. He always gives me the best price and I couldn’t recommend him enough!”​
Bo Kim, Business Manager

“Thank you so much Harry! My garden looks amazing now!”​
Christie Hamilton, Housewife​

“I would definitely use Harry’s services again. He took a birthday present to my 90 year old grandmother at a very short notice and after business hours. I was extremely happy.”​
David Cough, Project Manager​

​“I just love Harry. He is the nicest kindest man and such a joy to be around. I really enjoy his company and all my windows look squeaky clean after he leaves.”​
M.C. Flores, Mother of 4

“I highly recommend Harry’s Clean as a Whistle. He just power washed my deck and it looks brand new!”​
Allen Eisenhauer, Supervisor​

​“My business used Harry’s services to remove all the junk from a building we bought. I must say that all work was done very fast and the results were impressive.”​
D. Wright, Entrepeneur​